Adopt A Day


The Nyungwe Bible Translation

The purpose of the Adopt A Day for the Nyungwe project is to encourage others to get involved in the Nyungwe Bible Translation. Currently operating expenses are about $30 per day. So by sponsoring a day, you can get directly involved in bringing the Bible to the Nyungwe people of Mozambique. But it is more than just money. We’re asking that for every day you sponsor the Nyungwe you also dedicate a day to praying for and promoting the Nyungwe Bible translation.

We’ll really encouraging people to be creative in how they get involved. Some ideas include:

  1. Making prayer for the Nyungwe people a part of your Sunday morning worship service.
  2. Promoting the Nyungwe Bible translation by showing pictures or doing a school report on the Nyungwe.
  3. Sending emails to friends about the Nyungwe project or posting a badge on your web site or blog.

What kinds of ideas can you think of?

To see the current status of the Adopt A Day project, visit here: How Many Days To Go?

To see how to make an online contribution to this project, visit here: Online Giving for Adopt A Day for the Nyungwe.

If you have a question, you can send a confidential message to David Ker: