To the least of these…

reading group 1.JPG

In the previous post, I briefly introduced Veronica, our community reading specialist. Here is Veronica in action. Several days a week, children crowd her yard asking for a story. They stop their play and sit in the shade. She pulls a book from the stack of Little Zebra Books published by our partners. Many of these books contain scripture direct from the translation desk. In some cases, children and their families around Tete City are receiving the very first passages to be published.


Through donations to Little Zebra Books, we distribute THOUSANDS of these folding storybooks. Always for free. Always read with the children in their heart language. Always shared by a trained, caring adult who helps them understand the message of the story. Here we have the parable of the Good Samaritan – Mwanzangu Mbani? Who is my neighbor? The text in this book comes directly from the passage in Luke translated by the team back in 2000! Parables are a big hit in the community reading programs!

We thank Little Zebra Books for making Nyungwe a priority! We also thank all of you who pray and give to support the Nyungwe translation team! We are all part of a growing partnership that reaches further than we imagined in the beginning. God is so good!


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