Meeting the Governor



Government officials having a look at Nyungwe materials at a public event several years ago.

Just a week after the  Matsamba kuna gereja was printed, the Nyungwe Bible Translation Team went to ask for an audience with the Tete Provincial Governor. The current governor isn’t native to Tete. He didn’t have much background on this project. He asked many questions about their work and history with the Nyungwe project. He was quite impressed with their initiative and consistency and general perseverance, I think.

At the end of the meeting he asked how the funding for the publishing works. Our Admin guy explained that printing depends on gifts and donations from interested partners. Some money comes from outside Mozambique. People must pay something for these new books because the funding isn’t unlimited and the books must be valued by the ones who receive them.

After hearing this explanation, he decided to give to the printing of more copies of Matsamba kuna gereja himself! When they returned later in the day and envelope had been prepared for them. The amount he gave will print at least 200 more copies of these epistles!

Sometimes we wonder if the people here understand the importance of having a Bible translation in Nyungwe. Meetings like this encourage the team to keep going. They need to know that the efforts they are putting into years of careful work are not in vain. The governor has recognized the importance of this work in a personal way. God is faithful and uses even earthly rulers to bless His purpose. Praise the LORD!



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