Mark delivered to the churches in August

Thanks for praying for the safe and timely arrival of Mark. The dedication ceremony went well. Our local government, churches, and friends have expressed their encouragement in the translation work. These are good signs as our program progresses!

Sunday, the 1st of August, the translation team visited six local churches during their services. Each congregation received copies of Mark’s gospel in Nyungwe, copies of several previous printings from Luke, Titus and Jonah, to name a few.

Please be in prayer with the team as these visits to church services continue on Sunday mornings until they have managed to give out Scripture in the 27 churches who have faithfully followed translation progress over the years.

Other good news from Nyungwe churches in rural areas:

North of Tete City, 20 copies of Mark have been purchased by villagers near Moatize and the womens’ group is asking for more! These are being purchased by the same people who bought Luke. I think that means that they have seen that God’s Word is valuable!

South of Tete City, 50 copies have been requested by the Baptist Churches to use in Bible studies, church services, and preaching in several villages where they have planted churches.

Both of these areas are served by missionaries. We have seen that foreign missionaries are often more ready to value local language than the Mozambicans! Why? Maybe because the local people have such a low view of their own language and culture. They were told for many years that their own language was inferior to Portuguese.

When foreigners come, they need to use Nyungwe to help people really understand Christ’s message of love and salvation. This seems strange to people who feel they are worth less because they speak a minority language. BUT they are NOT worth LESS! Jesus died to save each of them, just as He died to save each of “us” foreigners. Praise God for showing us how to embrace diversity as much as equality!

The Nyungwe Translation Team thanks you for your prayers. God bless you for supporting this work among the Nyungwe people of Mozambique.


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