MALIKO: the Gospel of Mark in Nyungwe…

Coming soon to the Nyungwe churches in Tete, Mozambique! We have just heard that our printing of Mark’s Gospel in Nyungwe is complete. We will have 1000 copies soon delivered to us here in Tete. Please pray for the following short list:

  • transportation for the 1000 books to be smooth and reasonably priced
  • planning of an event to introduce the book of Mark to local leaders and churches
  • God’s preparation of the hearts of the people who will read this message for the first time

We will try to keep you updated on Maliko’s journey to the heart of Nyungwe people in Mozambique.

We appreciate your prayers and faithful support of this Bible translation project. Mark is coming, but also in the pipeline for printing are the Gospel of John, Ephesians, Genesis and Exodus. We are a bit behind on Genesis and Exodus, but still hope to have them ready for an end-of the year printing. To get them ready in time, we may not be able to draft Hebrews that was scheduled for this year.

One of the most difficult parts of translation programs is the balance between getting it done and getting it right. Looking over Genesis this month, the translators have found a lot that needed revising… the simple read-through proved that there was a lot of interference from a neighboring language (ciChewa). Genesis was done at the time of trying out a new adaptation method, but moving faster back then hasn’t paid-off in the end. Now… do we stop and rework Genesis or do we plug ahead with Exodus drafting having learned from the mistakes? In the meantime, what happens to Hebrews?

Please pray for the team as they grapple with these important decisions! Again, we count on the prayers of our faithful friends. Thanks for being one of them!


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