Nyungwe’s not dead!

Just a note to explain our silence. Switching authors led to some technical difficulties, but I’m hoping this post will show that I’ve got it figured it out.

This week we are welcoming the Nyungwe translation coordinator and administrator back from Nampula. They have been away from Tete for a week at a training and information event especially for Mozambican language project leaders. I hope to be able to introduce you to the whole translation team later in the month.

Here in Tete, we are working on several projects to reach our goals for tranlslation, literacy, and getting the Word out to the local church. We are preparing the Gospel of Mark and Ephesians for printing this week! The team is working on Exodus the first half of this year. We are actively looking for a translation office that will give us visability here in the city. We are also pursuing active partnership with the Department of Education to support their Nyungwe Biblingual education initiative this year.

So, thank you for your faithful interest in Nyungwe Bible Translation! We ask for your continued prayers as we move ahead in this ministry to the people of Mozambique. It would be very encouraging to hear from you if you are praying for us. The team would love to know they are being remembered by brothers around the world!


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