What ever happened to the Nyungwe Bible translation?

I haven’t mentioned this recently but there is a lot to be thankful for about the Nyungwe Bible translation. Last month, Pastor Semo and the team traveled to Beira on the Mozambique coast to work with the Sena translation team and an International consultant. The goal was to approve the Gospel of John for publication. Unfortunately because of my emergency trip to the US I wasn’t able to meet with the translators to discuss John 13-21. The good news is that they still did get John 1-12 checked.

Here’s a quote from our Director’s wife Karen who was there in Beira during the session while her husband, Sebastian was checking (simultaneously!) Nyungwe and Sena:

“We are having a riot of a time … with the Nyungwe guys here in the AIM guest flat. They are so easy to have around, and are so passionate about the translation that they spend all evening round the computer doing the corrections of the day! Sebastian is very pleased with the translation, though.”

Isn’t that great news? Thanks to those of you who have prayed for and contributed financially to this translation. More than 250,000 people speak Nyungwe and the Bible not only for them but for all of Tete province where Nyungwe is a lingua franca.

While I won’t be doing translation full time when we get back to Mozambique in February I will still get to check the remaining chapters of John and also be overseeing publication and distribution plans not just for Nyungwe but for more than ten languages in Mozambique.


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