Waiting for an office

Pastor Semo and I spent some time working on the adaptation of 1 Timothy into Nyungwe. As you can see from the photo our office was pretty primitive. Because of the heat at this time of the year people in Tete spend most of their time outside looking for a shady spot to rest.


The good news is that very soon the Nyungwe team will have a permanent office. Thanks to the generosity of a Brazilian missionary, the translators will be able to work in a converted garage which doubles as a Bible school on the weekends.

When Mikael and Jeni return from Sweden and move their furniture out of the storage room, Angela has offered the use of that room indefinitely for the translation team to use without charge.


One response to “Waiting for an office

  1. Pastor Semo looks quite comfortable sitting there in the shade working on the translation. Here it is 30 degrees F. which means we have to stay inside to do our work.

    Great news about the room being offered for the project. God provides through his people. Often we just have to make a need known, like funding for the Nyungwe Translation Project, and God will provide the resources through his people.
    Last night a young couple who are new to our church dedicated their baby to the Lord. They are living in a motel and need a house to live in. We are expecting to see that need fulfilled.

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