Genesis, Mark and John

Sorry I don’t have any photos to show you but translation is not a very photogenic business! But I do want to let you know that some very good progress is being made by the Nyungwe translation team. They completed a translation of the entire book of Genesis in June. It has been completely consultant checked except for a few chapters at the end. I also worked with them in completing the Gospel of Mark in July. A big surprise is that we discovered a version of the entire Gospel of John in Nyungwe that had been done more than ten years ago. Pastor Semo was very pleased with the quality of this translation and decided that it should be their next project. So now the translators are editing John. Pastors Semo and Bata led a workshop over the weekend for church reviewers. I heard that it went very well and that they are now going to start reviewing Mark.

In October the translators will be doing 1 Timothy in a workshop with several other translation teams for other languages.

Praise the Lord that more and more Scriptures are becoming available in Nyungwe.


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